The easiest way to mine crypto currency

Park a web browser here, have your visitors donate, or include on your own website. Web Mining made easy and profitable.

Monetize your website
Accept web mining donations


With our javascript based web miner, you can put any computer to work mining for you. You can choose to mine on any pool you like. Accept mining based donations, or monitize your website for far less (1%) than Coinhive's 30% fee.

How's it work?
  1. Add your mining info and mine with as many browsers as you like.
  2. All of your browsers' work will be directed to the pool you choose.


Q: Are you a mining pool?
A. Nope. We just allow you to mine from any web browser-- directly to any pool you like.

Q: What are the fees?
A: This site ony takes a 1% fee to (hopefully) cover hosting costs, etc. Each pool has their own (very low) fees as well.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Simple:
  1. Sign up at whatever pool you like, then just place your wallet address on the appropriate coin page. If you don't see your pool on the list, just contact us and we will add it!
  2. After that, you can create a donation page or share your mining link with anyone you want to help.


This project is not associated with any particular mining pool. If you have suggestions, problems, or requests, please feel free to drop me an email.


This site's mining donation is only 1% which I hope might cover the costs of hosting/supporting the site.
But, if you find this project useful and you'd like to help a brother out, buy me a beer, or just be an all around awesome person, I'd truely appreciate it:

		BTC: 1BQXVNfxVVb7VuzggUVwqzgnDnLWJn5Mty
		XMR: 4BkxvEMHDnj6gNiJzFaw62K9NutC87b3S5fTYScKmAPhgm2BwkL5MnSVL6s6UDDd9bWTjyH8AdVRVS65vWGv3ZoWDxBTD6fue4HNNNhhm2